ABOUT USneattidy1

The Housekeepers Collection, based out of Victoria, British Colombia,  believes in being as natural as possible. Our products are guaranteed effective, pure and free of any harsh chemicals, and are natural so they break down safely in the environment.

We make all of the products in small batches which began in our own home kitchen.  We have spent several years developing the right formulas using organic and natural essential oils and ingredients that will not bring harm to anyone or anything.  Aromatherapy is about living holistically.  Our homes need to be a safe place to gather, play and rest.

We are so proud to be Canadian and we love our country.  We want to contribute in a healthy and positive way by offering ways to clean up without hurting your family or our environment.

Our packaging is locally designed, and all materials are sourced from across Canada.

We are all one.  All the creatures. Trees. Bees. Mountains. Oceans. Air…..

With Gratitude,

The Housekeepers Collection